SRSLY Buffed Dry Brush


Sweep away dry, flaky skin at the root of ingrown hairs 🧹

The SRSLY Buffed Dry Brush is a post-wax staple at Buff for a reason. Maintaining your wax results at home includes consistently exfoliating skin and we love this brush for its mega exfoliating power. Use this brush on waxed pubic mound, legs and arms and even whole body for an incredible full-body exfoliation. Our dry brush treats and prevents ingrown hairs, de-pollutes congested skin, restores glow and smoothness, and enhances the absorption of lotions and tanner. Comes in a cute canvas drawstring bag with how to use and care instructions printed on the back.

🐰 cruelty-free

Use brush dry, and on clean, dry skin. Brush upward in long sweeps toward the heart, against the direction of hair growth. Apply moderate pressure until skin has a matte look (darker skin tones) or a slight rosy flush. Clean brush occasionally with soap and water; allow to thoroughly dry.

Please don't use on your face! We also don’t recommend this product for bodies with super sensitive skin or eczema (it's mega-exfoliating!).

100% sisal fibres from Agave sisalana