SRSLY Buffed In-Shower Exfoliating Gloves


Brush off dead skin 🧤

Full body exfoliation is so. much. werk. Thankfully, the SRSLY Buffed In-Shower Exfoliating Gloves make quick work of large bodies. Do yourself a favour and take advantage of shower time by slipping on these gloves and using them to rub-a-dub from neck-to-toe. Exfoliating daily is a great way to protect against ingrown hairs and extend your wax results at home and these ultra-thick, ultra-plush shower gloves cleanse, exfoliate and smooth away dry, flaky skin. They also come with hang tags so your gloves dry thoroughly (and leave you with a tidy tub). These gloves are multi-textured and densely woven to improve the lather of your soap or body wash for a luxuriously thorough clean. One size fits all!

🐰 cruelty-free

Slip on shower gloves and dampen with water. Apply body cleanser of choice onto the palms of your gloved hands and rub your shower gloves together to create a rich lather. Use your gloved hands to cleanse and exfoliate your body then rinse gloves clean with water, squeeze out excess water and hang to dry. Replace every three months.

100% Polyester