Image of Sina Zere, owner + founder of Buff Wax Spot


My name is Sina Zere and I'm the founder and owner of Buff Wax Spot, a chain of wax bars specializing in welcoming, inclusive, friendly and clean wax services for all bodies. I'm also the co-founder of the Buff Experts line of body care and personal wellness products.

I love finding solutions for pernicious problems. One of these problems was finding consistently excellent, friendly, quick and clean wax services for myself in a new city. So, I opened Buff Wax Spot by working backward from the client experience I wanted everyone of all shapes and colours to enjoy. We're Edmonton's original wax bar and here, a fabulous wax is a given. You'll always get a professional and knowledgeable waxing experience that's friendly, quick and clean in a modern and fresh setting. We're solely devoted to waxing all bodies and that means we're the Waxperts. Our clients trust us to deliver fab tip-to-toe waxing for painlessly soft, smooth skin.

I also formulate award-winning beauty products. My newest line of body care and personal wellness products, called Buff Experts, are products crafted to pamper and protect all our gorgeous nooks and crannies from neck to toe, especially post-wax. I use plant-, flower-, and fruit-based botanicals, butters and oils first in all my products before using what I consider to be safe synthetics. I've rejected fast food beauty because our skin needs good ingredients for optimal function. You can find all my goodies right here, under the Shop section of the website.

You deserve access to premium, clean, and well-priced services and products. I've got multiple degrees in science and business and careers spanning both; doing things better and doing things excellently is what I live for. When I can change the way you feel about your skin and normalize concerns, worries, and annoyances with your bits, well, then I consider my work a success.


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