FAQs - unformatted

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How is Buff Wax Spot different from other establishments?

Goodness, how do we counteth the ways?

  • We specialize in providing professional, friendly, quick and clean wax services
  • We're wax pros trained in the art of expert and efficient waxing- we've performed tens of thousands of waxes
  • We play bangin' beats all day long in our modern, fresh and clean space
  • We deliver painlessly soft, smooth skin using premium hard and soft waxes
  • We don’t ever, ever double-dip. Clean is our credo and we are super anti-dirty!
  • We love talking and promise great convo so you feel comfortable and at ease
  • We've got a welcoming, non-judgey space for everyone and every body

Do you accept walk-ins?

Not at this time due to C-19. You can totally call in for a same-day appointment and we'll be happy to book you in if there's an open spot!

C-19 hygiene & how we keep clean

1. Room cleaning protocols
a) Our Wax Techs wear gloves, face masks and protective eye-wear when performing wax services, including face shields for facial waxing. All other staff members wear face masks when in the shop.

b) We use hospital-grade disinfectants to wipe down beds, pillows, door handles, light switches, chairs, countertops, product bottles and wax warmers after each and every client.

c) We clean our implements of debris then soak in a chemosterilant solution to sterilize our tools.

d) We throw away all disposables after each and every client.

e) We wash our towels in hot water and bleach.

f) We mop our floors with antibacterial floor cleaner.

g) All rooms have antibacterial soap and/or hand sanitizer which we use liberally throughout the day and especially before and after clients.

h) Clients receive their wax services in a private room with their Wax Tech.

2. Store cleaning protocols
a) Throughout the day we use antibacterial solution to wipe down high-touch areas like door handles, reception area seating, cash terminals, the reception desk, keyboard and mouse. We regularly mop the floors with an antibacterial solution.

b) We have a hand sanitizing station in the reception area.

c) We regularly inspect and clean our bathrooms daily with antibacterial cleaner throughout the day with a special focus on the toilet, sink, faucet, garbage, and door handles.

d) We've installed a Plexiglass shield on our reception desk.

3. People caps in-shop
a) We're capping the max number of bodies in-shop to 15.

b) At this time, no additional person can accompany you (the client) in-shop to your appointment.

4. Going Contact-less
a) We have tap payment enabled for contact-less payment and also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. We remain cashless as usual.

b) If you're new to Buff, your client consult form will be emailed to you to fill out online before your appointment.

If you're not feeling well, please stay at home. You know what to do. Do the right thing.

5. What to expect during your appointment

1. Booking Your Appointment
a) You can book your appointments online or by calling us. We won't be accepting any walk-ins at this time (sorry!).

2. Arriving for your Appointment
a) All clients must wear a face mask for their appointment. If you don't have one then you may purchase one from us.

b) Please give us a call when you've arrived for your appointment and remain in your car. And, it'll just be a party for one- no additional people can accompany you in-shop to your appointment.

b) Pop quiz! Our receptionist will go through a verbal C-19 screen with you. If approved, please come up to the door where you'll be let in by a staff member. Please immediately use hand sanitizer. Your Wax Tech will meet you take you into your room for your service.

3. C-19 Signage
a) We'll have C-19 signage around the store as helpful guides to maintain adequate distancing. Our staff members will also direct you on where to stand or wait, if necessary.

Wax Housekeeping Rules

1. No Hair Left Behind
We stand behind seriously meticulous waxing. If you notice stray hairs post-wax for which a reason hasn’t been provided by your Wax Tech, stop by anytime within five days of your service and we’ll wax those stubborn hairs at no charge.

2. Cancellation Policy
We don’t have one! Life is crazy busy hectic and we get it. All we ask for is as much cancellation notice as you can give us. Simple as that! However, if you've booked for services that total $140 or more before tax, we require 24 hours cancellation notice via email. If you're booked in at Buff Ellerslie, send your email to ellerslie@buffwaxspot.com. If you're booked in at Buff Skyview, send your email to skyview@buffwaxspot.com. Otherwise, you'll be charged 100% of the value of your services if we receive less than 24 hours cancellation notice.

3. No-Show Policy
No-shows will be charged 50% of the value of their appointments. 100% of the appointment value will be charged if you had services that totaled $140 or more before tax and we don't receive at least 24 hrs cancellation notice via email. No-show fees are due payable at your next appointment. Two no-shows will result in being barred from booking appointments at Buff Wax Spot. No-show, no-love.

4. We love kids… but not in here
Our Wax Techs need to be able to focus on you and on performing a fab wax as well as remaining on schedule for waiting clients. Therefore, children aren't allowed in the treatment rooms with clients nor can they be left unattended in the reception area. Pets aren't allowed in the shop either unless they're seeing guide animals.

5. Underage
If you’re under 18 years old and are booked for an intimate wax service, you must have permission from a parent or guardian, prior to your appointment. A note will do, otherwise we'll call your parent or guardian. You won't be permitted to book another appointment until we get appropriate clearance.

6. Running Late?
If you arrive halfway through your appointment time or later, we may not be able to accommodate your original appointment although we're happy to suggest modified wax services we can perform in your remaining appointment time.

Do you accept cash?

Maybe not a question you were thinking of per se, but you should know that we are cashless. We don't accept cash payments, nor keep cash on premises. We accept payments only via debit and credit. You are more than welcome to tip your Waxpert in cash if you like though!

Do I need a credit card to reserve my appointment?

If you’re getting super buffed by booking wax services valued at $140 or greater before tax then please see below:

A credit card will be required to reserve your wax services. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will be charged 100% of the value of the missed appointments. If you can’t make it, we need 24 hours cancellation notice via email. If you're booked in at Buff Wax Spot Ellerslie then please send your email to ellerslie@buffwaxspot.com. If you're booked in at Buff Wax Spot Skyview then please send your email to skyview@buffwaxspot.com. Cancelling your appointment with ample notice gives other clients a chance to book in!

How should I prepare for my wax appointment?

We LOVE getting this question!

  • If you’ve shaved, let your hair grow out to at least 1/2" or book your appointment ahead of time, about 2-3 weeks post-shave. This ensures we can get all that unwanted hair out!
  • If you’re booked for an intimate wax and haven’t groomed in awhile, trim with scissors. Hairs longer than 1/2" makes your wax unnecessarily more uncomfortable than it has to be. PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT trim hair that is overly long for sanitary reasons

TIP: the hairs should be long enough to pull between your fingertips but not so long that they start curling or form a dense mat. Hair that's about 1/3 the length of your index finger is what you're aiming for down there.

  • Let your Wax Tech know if you have a medical condition, are taking any medication, are using any anti-aging or anti-acne products, or have a new tattoo or piercing
  • If possible, take a warm shower before your appointment to open up your pores; the night before exfoliate the area to be waxed to remove any build-up of dead skin cells

I just shaved. How long do I have to wait?

Here are the timelines we recommend at Buff Wax Spot for our most popular waxing services:

Brows/Upper lip: grow them out as long for as you can stand it!

Underarms: a minimum of 2 weeks post shave

Intimate areas: a minimum of 3 weeks post-shave

Legs: a minimum of 6 weeks post shave

Arms: a minimum of 3 weeks post-shave

Chest/Stomach: a minimum of 4 weeks post-shave

We know, we know, it’s itchy and you just want it GONE already but not following the timelines above means the hairs will be much too short for the wax to grab. Trust us on this one.

I’m a wax newbie. Will it hurt?

“Hurt” is a rather subjective term in our opinion. Will it sting? A little. But we PROMISE that the pain is temporary. So temporary that when you leave, you won’t even remember any ouchies. You’ll have an amazing boost of confidence from your fabulous wax though!

We also use premium hard and soft wax and after-care products to ensure all unwanted hair is removed, but not at the expense of your skin or your sanity. Our hard wax is incredibly gentle and soothing for your tender bits.

We love kids… but not in here

This one bears repeating. Our Wax Techs need to be able to focus on you and on performing a fab wax as well as remaining on schedule for waiting clients. Therefore, children of any age aren't allowed in the treatment rooms with clients, nor can they be left unattended in the reception area. Pets are not allowed in the salon, unless they're seeing guide animals.

I just got my period! Can I still get waxed?

If we had a quarter for every time Aunt Flo showed up...well, we'd have a lot of quarters. Not to worry at all, so long as you're wearing a fresh tampon or menstruation cup, we can still perform all intimate waxes.

When can I NOT wax?

We at Buff Wax Spot have very strict rules about whom we will, and will not, wax. We don't say no very often but when we do it's because we take your health, and ours, very seriously, and hope you appreciate our dedication to your skin integrity.

We won't perform your wax if:

  • You are currently on a daily dose of Accutane or have been off Accutane for less than a year
  • You are currently taking blood thinning medications, have hemophilia, uncontrolled diabetes, or an infection
  • You have a cold/open sore that we can’t wax around.

You’ll fill out a more in-depth client consultation form at your appointment so that we’re all on the same page. And, as professional Wax Techs who are solution-seekers, we’ll do our best to work with you to figure out how we can get you smooth, hair-free skin without cutting corners. Deal?

Any tips or tricks for prolonging my wax?

So glad you asked! The answer is YES!

1. Exfoliate. Beginning the day after your wax, use a product like the SRSLY Buffed Dry Brush to manually exfoliate the skin before stepping into the shower. Do this daily to prevent and treat ingrowns. We also recommend an intensive ingrown prevention serum to thoroughly scrub out clogged follicles and prevent ingrowns like Pfb Vanish. You can purchase our fantastic post-wax care products in-shop or online.

2. Moisturize. Keeping your skin supple with all-natural products like the Carrot & Calendula Intimate Salve, Shea & Cocoa Daily Botanical Body Lotion and the Jojoba & Apricot Emollient Body Oil prolongs the smoothness of your skin and softens incoming hair.

3. Wax regularly. Keep to a 4-5 week schedule and don’t shave in between waxes. Your reward will be hair that comes back finer and sparser down the road. Yay!

Can I shave between waxes?

Nope. Shaving undoes all the wax training you’ve invested in to help your hair grow back finer and sparser (if at all). It may seem like a good idea at the time but you’ll regret it soon afterward. If you like, trim in the interim between waxes or book an appointment.

I’m pregnant! Can I get an intimate wax?

Absolutely! We have a tailored brazilian wax service for women in their third trimester that utilizes special support cushions and wax. If you're in your first or second trimester then you can book any of our classic bikini or brazilian wax services.

I'm getting a tattoo! When should I book my wax appointment?

If you're going to get a tattoo, you can come in a few days before your tattoo appointment.

K, I'm tatted up. When can I wax over my tattoo?

If you just got a tattoo, wait at least 4-6 weeks before booking a wax service to allow your skin to heal and the ink to set. Don't forget to ask your tattoo artist for their recommendation as well.

Help! I'm transitioning and don't know which services to book.

Congrats on taking this super-important and monumental step! We welcome everyone and everybody and have loads of experience waxing bodies of all types. We're here to help so send an email or give us a call and we'll book a quick consult with you. Please know that we'll find a wax service just right for you 🏳️‍⚧️

I'm allergic to some things. Should I let you know?

Always! Please let us know in advance of your appointment of any allergies you have (and we mean any). Your safety comes first and we want to ensure all the products we use during your wax service are appropriate for you!

What's a Vagacial?

Only the second-best thing to ever be created for your lady bits! A vagacial is a specialized, professional facial for your vagina that is targeted, refreshing and generates remarkable results! Treat yourself to a deep cleanse, exfoliating scrub, extractions, warm towels and soothing mask. Our expert treatment instantly leaves your delicate (but oh-so-ingrown-prone!) skin feeling velvety smooth, fresh, luminous, and free of ingrown hairs. We recommend a vajacial in between your waxes (1-2 weeks before or after a wax).
We don’t recommend the Buff Vajacial if you’re pregnant, breast-feeding, or have very sensitive skin

What's Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is the hottest new brow trend guaranteed to leave you with thicker and fuller brows! It's a non-permanent and gentle technique that straightens brow hairs and adds volume and definition. We are sooo excited to launch this service because hey, we live to elevate your beauty game. Brow lamination smooths coarse, flyaway brow hairs for sleek or fluffy brows- your choice!

Who's brow lam for?

  • if you've been thinking about microblading but aren't ready to commit
  • had microblading done and want that freshly 'bladed look again
  • have thick, unruly brows that don't easily stay in place
  • have thinner brows or gaps in your brow
  • wanna try something new!

Who isn't brow lam for?

  • if you have psoriasis or eczema
  • you've recently had eye surgery
  • if you have alopecia
  • if you're pregnant or breastfeeding
  • you have ultra-sensitive skin
  • you have scar tissue in the brow area
  • you've had permanent make-up less than 8 weeks ago
  • you're sunburned on your face

What can I expect?

The brow lamination process is quick, easy and super-relaxing. We'll cleanse the brow area and then apply the brow hair straightening solution. Then, we set or 'laminate' the brows in a place with a second solution. We'll shape your brows to your satisfaction and then smooth on a rich, hydrating balm onto the brows to soothe and condition. Trust us, you'll love it!

Pro tips:

  • stop using brow serums 7 days prior to your service and resume 7 days after your service
  • don't get your brows wet for 48hrs after your service
  • moisturize your brows daily with your brow conditioner
  • no makeup on your brows for 24hrs after your service
  • no retinols, AHAs/BHAs or manual exfoliation around your brows for 3 days after your service
  • style brows as you desire with your handy spoolie