Hintz by Woo Massage Candle


Drop a hint 😉

A meltable and pourable candle for massaging your things, his things, hell, all the things. Smooth and soft, it’s the best wick you’ll ever have. An intoxicating aroma of sandalwood, papyrus, cardamom & other fragrance notes that smell like sex. Burn time is approximately 40 hours, so yes - you can keep going. Body safe and sex friendly massage candle.

🐰 cruelty-free

Online exclusive.

Light, wait, pour, play. Blow to finish. (Grab a blindfold for extra fun).


What does it feel like?
It melts into a nice warm and light oil, perfect for massaging. Bumping, grinding, and riding, too.

How does it work?
Light the wick then wait for the wax to soften and melt down. Best to test a small patch of skin first, making sure it doesn’t irritate or burn. Pour directly onto their body or your hands, using as much or as little as you want, massaging as you go. Avoid handling fragile or heavy objects whilst hands are covered in oil, unless that heavy object begins with a D or B.

Do I have to use it for sex?
Nah, babe. You can use it as an indulgent massage oil with your partner or yourself. Or just a delicious candle to lift your room and mood. Your body; your call.


7.5 oz | 213 g