When it’s Time to Find a New Wax Spot

Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know. Here are three signs to look out for when considering finding a new wax spot.

1. Your waxer doesn’t wear gloves. If your waxer isn’t wearing gloves during bikini waxes, run for the hills. It isn’t hygienic for either of you and all other sanitation practises should be immediately suspect. Cleanliness is next to Godliness when it comes to your lady garden. The same goes for waxing everywhere else; if not gloves, make sure you observe your waxer washing their hands or using hand sanitizer prior to your wax. A great wax is a clean wax.

2. Your waxer dips the same spatula into the pot of wax after each application. This is called double-dipping and if you see this, Do. Not. Hesitate. To. Act. Pull up your big girl underwear and politely inform them that you are no longer interested in getting waxed as you value your good health. Wax is not hot enough to kill all germs and in fact, some strains of bacteria thrive in a warm, waxy environment. The ONLY caveat to this rule is if you know for a fact that your waxer uses a pot of wax on you, and only you, and reserves your pot of wax for your exclusive future use.

3. Your waxer uses a wax roller on large areas like legs and arms. Wax rollers use a wax cartridge and a roller head to apply wax to the skin. It sounds convenient, but hair, skin cells, and wax can get trapped within the roller. This means the roller can’t be disinfected properly since hardened wax and other debris will prevent contact between the roller surface and the disinfectant. You likely won’t see wax rollers used that often but if you do, speak up and ask for a regular strip wax instead.

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