Your Brow Appt at Buff Wax Spot: What to Expect

Ever leave with unwanted thinner or dramatically reshaped brows? Here’s how we eliminate both those brow nightmares.

1. We do a brow consult with you right off the bat to make sure we’re all on the same page with your brow goals. Whether you’re growing them out, want a dramatic reshaping, or just touching them up, we’ve got you.

2. We use the best hard wax on the market. It’s expensive and difficult to get ahold of, but whatever. It. Is. The. Best.

3. We use a soft white pencil to draw the shape of your ideal brow using Hollywood Billion Dollar Brow products and consult with you to make sure you like it. Client comes first.

4. We apply hard wax outside the stencilled brow, removing most unwanted hairs. Then we clean up strays, fill in with brow powder or pencil and apply brow highlighter. The result? You leave looking like a ‪#‎bosschick‬ .

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