Is Shaving Easier, More Convenient, and Cheaper than Waxing?

There’s no doubt that the most common method of hair removal is shaving. But is it the best?

Shaving involves gliding a sharp razor over the skin so that the hair is tugged up and cut off at, or just below, the skin line- exactly like the simulation you see in Gillette commercials. Because the hair is cut bluntly though, something known as “bumping” can occur. This is when the fine pore, which is designed for the entry of an almost invisible fine tip of hair, now has a blunt edge of hair trying to force itself through. This can cause irritation and infection (folliculitis) if pieces of cut hair fall back into pore. Ingrowns, or razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae) happen when a hair follicle attempts to grow out through the skin, can’t, and defeated, curls back into the skin causing inflamed, red bumps on the skin. Picking at ingrowns can lead to further infection and scarring of the skin. Darker hair just under the surface of the skin also gives rise to unsightly ‘shadows’ (think of your underarms), a buildup of dead skin cells in the microscopic hills and valleys of your skin, and painful, chafing stubble as the hair grows back. Finally, shaving must be done frequently, sometimes daily and we all know we don’t change the blades as often as we should.
So why wax? Warm wax gently opens the pores of your skin and removes hair completely from the hair bulb. Hair grows back finer and sparser, and takes longer to grow back with successive waxes. Waxing exfoliates the skin leaving it silky soft and smooth, and there’s no daily shaving required. Plus, your professional waxologist takes care of everything- all you need to do is lie down and relax. So, is shaving truly easier, more convenient, and cheaper than waxing? I don’t think so honey. Come in to Buff Wax Spot and see the difference for yourself.

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